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What's in a Process?

routine cartoon

Ha! Isn’t this great? This is so me…

Many business owners know they need to implement some type of process, but the very thought just overwhelms them. It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking and in reality, you already utilize processes every single day, but in a different application. A perfect example is your morning routine before starting a work day- showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, maybe checking email. Think about the order in which you do those activities. More than likely, it’s the same every morning. Why do you do those things in that order? Because you know what needs to be accomplished, the progression makes sense to you and it’s probably the most efficient use of your time. That is a perfect example of a process or system.

Take the same elements of your morning ritual and apply it to a repetitive business task, such as client onboarding. The goal is to sign on a new client, generate excitement around their purchase and make it a pleasant experience so they become repeat customers and also great referral sources. Next, think about the timeline and the natural progression of

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bringing on a new client. This can vary for different business models but for service providers, the basics are collecting payment, signing a contract/agreement, scheduling sessions and collecting client’s information. As for timeline, this sequence of events should ideally happen in a about a week.

Now that you know what needs to happen and how long it should take, the fun part is deciding how this process will be carried out. This is where your personality and preferences should be taken into account. There are so many online tools and programs that can make your life easier so if you’re open to the idea of using technology, this is where you can make the most efficient use of your time- but also where you can waste the most time. Once you find a solution you like, stick with it. Don’t waste time looking for something better.

If you’re not as comfortable with technology and prefer to use pen & paper, just make sure you’re organized. Use different folders for each client, a systematic filing system and don’t make it too difficult where you can’t be consistent. For me, this means not using file folder labels. They make files look nice and neat, but it takes too much time and effort to pull up the template, edit, load the printer and then apply. This makes me sound incredibly lazy, because in reality it would only take a couple minutes, but it’s just enough of an inconvenience to make me procrastinate on the task and then eventually get behind. Plus it’s a distraction from what the main objective is.


Try this approach with something in your business this week; a task that seems time-consuming, one that you procrastinate or one that you seem to be doing a lot. It takes a little planning, and likely some tweaking as you go, but in the end you will have an organized, systematic approach that will become second nature. As you systemize more tasks, take it a step further and delegate it to a virtual assistant. With the process already in place, it will be easy to train the VA and communicate your expectations. Regardless, should you choose to outsource or continue on your own, establishing processes will ultimately save you time and energy as you start to scale and grow your business.

Tell me, what’s something in your business you’d like to systemize?


Until next time,


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The Virtual Objection

Internet and lawI love giving advice, but when it falls on deaf ears it can be very frustrating. Many people don’t realize that my sole intention is only to help better their life, either personally or professionally. Occasionally, I find this issue when I broach the idea of using a Virtual Assistant. While many people are intrigued by the idea, there are also those who are very resistant. In this post, I’d like to address a few common objections that I’ve heard and explain why using a virtual assistant is anything but scary.

I need someone in my office in case something comes up.

In reality, just because an employee is in-house doesn’t guarantee their availability. Employees can call in sick at any time, plus they don’t share the commitment that you have for your business- they are simply there to get a paycheck. On the other hand, virtual assistants work on deadlines all the time. We have a genuine interest in making your business a success because that reflects positively on our abilities and ensures your need for us in the future. Many virtual assistants even have office hours where they are available for you to call if you need immediate assistance. Need a presentation prepared, printed, and assembled for your meeting tomorrow? It’s really not an issue- a VA can prepare it from their office, and either send it to your local copy shop for printing and assembly or print it directly to your office.

It’s too hard to communicate with a virtual assistant.

What’s hard about it? In this day and age, people are constantly emailing, texting, calling, sending Facebook messages, or tweeting. When communicating with my clients, I find myself using multiple methods at one time. If anything, technology has actually made it easier to communicate. By using a virtual assistant, you already know that they are familiar with the technology and will therefore be more accessible to you.

I like the social aspect of having someone in my office.

If the primary reason for keeping an in-house assistant is because you enjoy having someone to talk to, I really hope it’s money well spent. Having an in-house employee, especially one that loves to talk, will highly decrease their productivity and attention to detail. Taking a page from Economics 101, there is no way you are receiving an optimal return on your investment. If you love to socialize, go into your community and network. Have conversations with people and build relationships that will actually help increase your business,

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instead of investing your time into office chit-chat.

I need filing done in office.

People really try and stump me with this one. Extreme amounts of filing are unlikely for small business owners and the solutions I offer vary for each client and situation. Documents to be filed can be picked up, mailed, or couriered to the virtual assistant at which point the VA would file into folders or scan the documents to create a paperless filing system. If you work with a local VA, some don’t even mind coming to your office for an hour or two a month to do the filing there.

I’m nervous about giving my information out.

Don’t work with a VA that doesn’t use a contract. A contract will protect you and your information from being misused. If this term isn’t addressed in the contract, don’t sign it. Most virtual assistants have extremely high ethics and would never dream of releasing a client’s information. Just make sure that you do your research on the VA- ask for references and enforce a contract for your working relationship.

It’s more expensive than hiring an employee.

The funny thing about an employee is all the hidden costs. You may be able to hire somebody for $10.00/hour but you also have to think about employee taxes, benefits, and overhead. These added expenses can really affect your bottom line. You will also need to consider the quality and longevity of your hire. There are not many employees who will work for a low hourly rate for an extended amount of time. It is very hard to live on these wages and they will more than likely always be looking for greener pastures. Most employees who are willing to work at this rate are unlikely to produce the skill-set, professionalism, or quality results you require.

I don’t like technology.

Luckily, I do. It’s imperative for the growth and success of your business to utilize the tools technology offers. If you need someone to help you get started or show you the ropes, who better than a virtual assistant?

So in conclusion, instead of thinking about the limitations that a VA presents, think about the solutions. If you’re ready to give the virtual world a try, you can call, email, message, or tweet. I’d love the opportunity to turn you into a believer.


Until next time,


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Finding Inspiration

imitation-inspiration-creation-innovationAs a creative professional, I have experienced my fair share of “writer’s block”, and a lot of the time, this blog is the culprit! But whether it is in the form of writing or designing, we have all struggled with it at one point or another. Sometimes when you look at something for too long, searching for a solution, you’re doing more harm than good. Here are some tips that may help you work through whatever wall you’re up against.

  1. Walk away. This is probably the most effective technique that I’ve used. Nothing is more stressful than feeling the squeeze of a deadline when absolutely nothing is coming to you. Sometimes we can over think things- walking away gives your brain a chance to relax. Take a walk, call a friend, get on Facebook, or my favorite- go shopping. Whatever you do, just make sure you completely change your train of thought. Then, when you come back to the task at hand you will hopefully have a different perspective.
  2. Consult a colleague. Having a sounding board to run ideas by is a great tool. The old saying, “Two minds are better than one,” certainly rings true. It’s not that you are asking for someone to give you the answer, just someone to brainstorm with. More than likely, your colleague (or friend, spouse, neighbor) will say something that can trigger the spark you needed.
  3. Google. The web is a wealth of knowledge. Being presented with new material stimulates the brain and sometimes all it takes is a color combination or an image that will allow a concept to take shape.
  4. Just do it. Everyone loves a blank slate but they can also be very overwhelming. Staring at a white canvas or document waiting for that brilliant idea may not be the best use of your time. To me, the best thing about computers is Ctrl+Z. Undo. Your first draft doesn’t have to be amazing- just add something to the white space so it doesn’t seem so… empty. This alone can help lift your spirits
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    and before you realize it’s happening, the inspiration will come.

  5. Swipe File. This one takes a bit of pre-planning. A swipe file is a collection of photos, documents, pieces from other artists/writers- whatever you see in your normal day-to-day life that you find intriguing. You can store these items in an actual physical file or perhaps it’s more convenient to make a file folder on your computer. This swipe file can be a great resource when you’ve hit a wall and need a little help unlocking it.

Remember that inspiration is all around you; it’s simply a matter of being receptive to it. These tricks are a great way to climb that wall and achieve a result you are proud of.


Until next time,


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Be the Glue

elmers_glue_soo_photoI don’t know what it is about office supplies, but I have been infatuated with them since I was very young. I remember spending my allowance money on a really cool pencil case that had secret compartments, pop-out erasers, and a pencil sharpener. I could spend hours walking around looking at the notebooks, pens, and filing folders until my

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mom would drag me from the store. To this day, I secretly enjoy taking a stroll around the local office supply store and I’m sure there are many of you out there who do exactly the same thing.

The event that spurred this nostalgia is that I was recently described as the glue that holds something together. To me, there could be no higher compliment. I take immense pride in the fact that others view me as someone who can get things accomplished and be the tie that binds, per say. As a systems strategist, my primary purpose is to be there for my clients and be accountable for the things that they want to accomplish. They come to me because they are unable to do it all themselves and they need the extra push and assistance that I provide. In turn, this helps them grow and further their careers because they are not “stuck” with the little details. It takes a great deal of organization and gumption to be acknowledged as the glue in my professional relationships, and I look forward to maintaining my sticky status in the future.


Until next time,


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The Daily Grind

boring routineDo you ever have those days where you’re just going through the motions? As adults, our days can feel so repetitive. I dread the question that inevitably arises whenever you see someone that you haven’t talked to in a while and they say, “So what have you been up to?”. My response, as I imagine most people’s are, is lackluster at best. It feels like I do the same thing over and over; work, home, sleep, and repeat. While I understand that my life is not a complete rendition of Groundhog Day, nothing I’ve done ever

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seems that exciting when put on the spot.

There are moments, however, where something really sparks my interest. I get excited and my mind starts moving a mile a minute. Usually this happens when thinking about vacation, but there are other things that get my blood pumping too. Today, it was the thought of- wait for it- organizing and preparing annual meetings! I do realize how lame this sounds, but seriously, when I started to think about the tasks involved and the looming deadline, I felt a spark. It was like awakening from hibernation. I think times like this are when you realize again what your passion is. My passion is helping people and the feeling of satisfaction when you realize that what you’ve done is invaluable to the other party. This is what I strive for and moments like this are why I continue living (and loving) the day-to-day repetition that is my life.


Until next time,


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