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imitation-inspiration-creation-innovationAs a creative professional, I have experienced my fair share of “writer’s block”, and a lot of the time, this blog is the culprit! But whether it is in the form of writing or designing, we have all struggled with it at one point or another. Sometimes when you look at something for too long, searching for a solution, you’re doing more harm than good. Here are some tips that may help you work through whatever wall you’re up against.
  1. Walk away. This is probably the most effective technique that I’ve used. Nothing is more stressful than feeling the squeeze of a deadline when absolutely nothing is coming to you. Sometimes we can over think things- walking away gives your brain a chance to relax. Take a walk, call a friend, get on Facebook, or my favorite- go shopping. Whatever you do, just make sure you completely change your train of thought. Then, when you come back to the task at hand you will hopefully have a different perspective.
  2. Consult a colleague. Having a sounding board to run ideas by is a great tool. The old saying, “Two minds are better than one,” certainly rings true. It’s not that you are asking for someone to give you the answer, just someone to brainstorm with. More than likely, your colleague (or friend, spouse, neighbor) will say something that can trigger the spark you needed.
  3. Google. The web is a wealth of knowledge. Being presented with new material stimulates the brain and sometimes all it takes is a color combination or an image that will allow a concept to take shape.
  4. Just do it. Everyone loves a blank slate but they can also be very overwhelming. Staring at a white canvas or document waiting for that brilliant idea may not be the best use of your time. To me, the best thing about computers is Ctrl+Z. Undo. Your first draft doesn’t have to be amazing- just add something to the white space so it doesn’t seem so… empty. This alone can help lift your spirits
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    and before you realize it’s happening, the inspiration will come.
  5. Swipe File. This one takes a bit of pre-planning. A swipe file is a collection of photos, documents, pieces from other artists/writers- whatever you see in your normal day-to-day life that you find intriguing. You can store these items in an actual physical file or perhaps it’s more convenient to make a file folder on your computer. This swipe file can be a great resource when you’ve hit a wall and need a little help unlocking it.
Remember that inspiration is all around you; it’s simply a matter of being receptive to it. These tricks are a great way to climb that wall and achieve a result you are proud of.   Until next time, Signature_small

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