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hard boiled egg I know. It sounds strange. But hear me out. We had a great Easter weekend but there was lots to do and not a lot of time to do it in. One of my tasks was to prepare a couple dishes for Easter lunch. I whipped up a batch of bunny butt cookies, chocolate covered strawberry carrots and last, but not least, 3 dozen deviled eggs. Now, anyone who has made deviled eggs knows how, well, devilish they can be. Peeling those eggs can be a nightmare so I thought surely someone has come up with a better way to do this. Thanks to the help of Pinterest, I found instructions that claimed peeling hard-boiled eggs has never been so easy. With nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try. There were about 6 steps to preparing these eggs- bring them to room temperature, add salt to rapidly boiling water, boil eggs for 14 minutes, immediately place in ice cold water, spiderweb crack the eggs, place back in water and finally peel. Whew. The whole time I’m following these steps with very little faith that the eggs will actually peel easily. Then the magic happens. I peel the first egg and the shell comes off easily. I thought, this must be a fluke. So I started peeling another. Same results. Again. And again. With each successfully peeled egg, I start to release the breath I didn’t know I was holding. It was working. I couldn’t believe it. The eggs were practically jumping out of their shells and this was actually an enjoyable experience. First. Time. Ever. As I’m peeling those eggs, I realized something. Yes, preparing those stinkin’ eggs was a lot of work but it was worth it in the end because it made my life so much easier. Everything I had just done was a process. Following each of those steps as directed produced consistent, successful results. That’s exactly how you should run your business. You can wing it each time you get a new client or put out a newsletter, but without a system, your results are going to be inconsistent. But if you take a little time to get organized and create a proven method for each of your business tasks with step-by-step instructions for carrying it out, the margin for error drastically decreases. Your
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efficiency level increases and so does the standards of your work. As an added bonus, with a detailed process in place, administrative tasks and the other things that take up so much time can be delegated to an assistant or team member. This leaves you with time to do the things that you enjoy, instead of wasting time on other areas that you aren’t exactly passionate about. If you’re running a one-woman show and feel like your business takes you in a million directions, take a breath. Look at where you’re spending the most time and understand why. If you are recreating the wheel every time you bring in a new client, take 15 minutes out of your day and create a checklist of what needs to happen each time. Maybe there’s another area of your business that could use a little organization. It doesn’t have to be perfect and can be tweaked as you go, but soon you will see that putting in a little effort in the beginning will make a huge impact on your bottom line.   Until next time, Signature_small

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