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Internet and lawI love giving advice, but when it falls on deaf ears it can be very frustrating. Many people don’t realize that my sole intention is only to help better their life, either personally or professionally. Occasionally, I find this issue when I broach the idea of using a Virtual Assistant. While many people are intrigued by the idea, there are also those who are very resistant. In this post, I’d like to address a few common objections that I’ve heard and explain why using a virtual assistant is anything but scary.

I need someone in my office in case something comes up.

In reality, just because an employee is in-house doesn’t guarantee their availability. Employees can call in sick at any time, plus they don’t share the commitment that you have for your business- they are simply there to get a paycheck. On the other hand, virtual assistants work on deadlines all the time. We have a genuine interest in making your business a success because that reflects positively on our abilities and ensures your need for us in the future. Many virtual assistants even have office hours where they are available for you to call if you need immediate assistance. Need a presentation prepared, printed, and assembled for your meeting tomorrow? It’s really not an issue- a VA can prepare it from their office, and either send it to your local copy shop for printing and assembly or print it directly to your office.

It’s too hard to communicate with a virtual assistant.

What’s hard about it? In this day and age, people are constantly emailing, texting, calling, sending Facebook messages, or tweeting. When communicating with my clients, I find myself using multiple methods at one time. If anything, technology has actually made it easier to communicate. By using a virtual assistant, you already know that they are familiar with the technology and will therefore be more accessible to you.

I like the social aspect of having someone in my office.

If the primary reason for keeping an in-house assistant is because you enjoy having someone to talk to, I really hope it’s money well spent. Having an in-house employee, especially one that loves to talk, will highly decrease their productivity and attention to detail. Taking a page from Economics 101, there is no way you are receiving an optimal return on your investment. If you love to socialize, go into your community and network. Have conversations with people and build relationships that will actually help increase your business,
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instead of investing your time into office chit-chat.

I need filing done in office.

People really try and stump me with this one. Extreme amounts of filing are unlikely for small business owners and the solutions I offer vary for each client and situation. Documents to be filed can be picked up, mailed, or couriered to the virtual assistant at which point the VA would file into folders or scan the documents to create a paperless filing system. If you work with a local VA, some don’t even mind coming to your office for an hour or two a month to do the filing there.

I’m nervous about giving my information out.

Don’t work with a VA that doesn’t use a contract. A contract will protect you and your information from being misused. If this term isn’t addressed in the contract, don’t sign it. Most virtual assistants have extremely high ethics and would never dream of releasing a client’s information. Just make sure that you do your research on the VA- ask for references and enforce a contract for your working relationship.

It’s more expensive than hiring an employee.

The funny thing about an employee is all the hidden costs. You may be able to hire somebody for $10.00/hour but you also have to think about employee taxes, benefits, and overhead. These added expenses can really affect your bottom line. You will also need to consider the quality and longevity of your hire. There are not many employees who will work for a low hourly rate for an extended amount of time. It is very hard to live on these wages and they will more than likely always be looking for greener pastures. Most employees who are willing to work at this rate are unlikely to produce the skill-set, professionalism, or quality results you require.

I don’t like technology.

Luckily, I do. It’s imperative for the growth and success of your business to utilize the tools technology offers. If you need someone to help you get started or show you the ropes, who better than a virtual assistant? So in conclusion, instead of thinking about the limitations that a VA presents, think about the solutions. If you’re ready to give the virtual world a try, you can call, email, message, or tweet. I’d love the opportunity to turn you into a believer.   Until next time, Signature_small

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